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Lee and Kay


What a great time this past week.  We met some wonderful new folks and reconnected with a lot of old friends.  Hope you all enjoyed and returned home safely

Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge...

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Weekend at the Opry, .... Nashville, TN, .......... Aug.29th - 31st

Region D Rally, .............. Kendallville, Ind. ....... Sept. 11th -13th

Buckeye Time Out, ......... Plain City, OH, ......... Sept. 26th - 27th







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New Riding Season is upon us. 

Be safe. 

Look Twice!!!  Look Often!!!  Look Alive!!!

From Your Region Directors...Lee & Kay

The Region D Rally/Convention is over but not the fun.  We hope you had as much fun as we did at Kendallville, IN.  It seems that we had something going on all the time.

We had corn husking, pie eating, skillet tossing, dunking tanks, live auctions,  and on and on.  We even had folks buying tickets to watch a cow do her business.  Only complaint we heard was about the weather and not enough time to do everything we had.  Even the seminars were fun and folks seem to want more.

Isn't that what we have always said?  It is not the same old thing and you can have fun anywhere you go if you just try.

To top it all off, we hope you all enjoyed the Ham/Bean/Cornbread meal. 

We will have more as time goes on but for now, thanks to all and hope to see you soon.

Friends for Fun Safety and Knowledge.

Lee & Kay 

Your Friends and Region D Directors