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GWRRA has the distinction of providing the highest quality training opportunities for its members. The Rider Education Program allows members to enhance their riding skills in order to be better, safer riders. The Leadership Training Program provides current and potential Officer’s the training they need in order to meet the needs of the members and to enhance all aspects of GW life. The Leadership Training Program also provides all members with opportunities to engage in high quality modules to enhance their experience within GWRRA, but outside in daily life as well.

Trained, Certified Instructor’s present the modules designed to engage the audience and to provide meaningful outcomes for each participant. The Goldwing University is working hard to change existing and develop new modules to meet the ever-changing demands of our members. Training opportunities may be presented at the Chapter, District and/or Region activities. To schedule an opportunity, contact your District Trainer.

GW University also offers some specialized programs:

Horizon’s - The Horizon Program is a fast track overview of the core LTP curriculum with “hands on” training of practical applications, and an excellent class for potential CDs and staff. Horizon is also a great class for the general membership to learn more about teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and building better chapters. Members learn about how to have FUN in GWRRA in a challenging day and a half course filled with lots of surprises. It is typically conducted during the winter/early spring months and not during riding season. It is an interactive program – the more everyone participates, the more everyone learns!

Officer Certification Program (OCP)- The Officers Certification Program or better known as the “OCP” is a program in the GWRRA Curriculum that is an in-depth seminar of the basic duties and responsibilities of an Operations Officer. Its main objective is to assist the Officers in the following responsibilities: Finances, Membership Enhancement. IRS Compliance, Rider Ed, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, to name a few. This is a very good program & is strongly recommended for all Officers.  The Program is 1 day in length and there is also a short “Celebration of Knowledge” at the end of the day.

Instructor Training and Certification Program (ITCP)- An amazing training opportunity for those interested in becoming Instructor’s for our members. As an Instructor Candidate, you will receive specialized instruction in our training techniques along with coaching to become a highly qualified member of our training team.




To assist our Chapters with their financial reporting we have created this Automated Financial Form that can be filled out using Acrobat Reader: FinancialReport(1).pdf


Remember: "The More You Learn The Better Informed You Are"

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What is the "Officers Certification Program?"

This is NOT the same as the Horizon Program & does not replace it

What is the Horizons Program?


The Horizons Program is a hands-on training program focusing on Chapter Life. Typically a one day event, it is designed to better prepare an individual or couple in their leadership role in a Chapter. The program structure is as follows:

  • Program Overview

  • Team Building & Personal Profile

  • Expectations

  • Communications

  • Effective Meetings & Events

  • Hands-On Application

  • The Officer Couple

Through programs like "Horizons", Region D and our Districts, are very dedicated to the “Knowledge” part of the GWRRA motto, “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge” .  A misconception of Leadership Training is, “It is only for the Officers”.  NOT TRUE!  Leadership Training is for everyone in GWRRA and a greater emphasis is being given to the Members. The training participants receive is useful not only in your GWRRA involvement but also your family and business life. During one of our courses, the Region Staff along with District and National guests, work very hard at making information available to the participants. Contact us or your District Trainer to find out when the next class is scheduled in your area.




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