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Our Motto: "Safety is for Life"

Our Mission:" To Save Lives Through Quality, World Class Education"



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John and Laurel Kuehl

Phone: (219) 464-4663


"Send Your Instructors to Camp" Campaign

"Send Your Instructor to Camp" is a scholarship program for instructor training. Through this program, scholarships are awarded to Instructor Candidates to help with the expenses they will incur when taking the 5 day, 40 hour "Rider Course Instructor Certification Program" (RCICP), or "Instructor Course Certification" (ICC) to become Certified in the GWRRA Programs. Currently we have already awarded 30 scholarships totaling $4833.56. It is our hope that with your continued support of this program we can award future Instructor Candidate scholarships, allowing them the opportunity of receiving Instructor training at a lowered out of pocket cost.

We send a sincere THANK YOU to those that have donated to this program and a request for those that haven’t to please consider doing so.

To learn more about this program download this document reviewing the program and how you and your Chapter can help.

Scholarship Program

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Educator's Toolbox

(This is what you will find on this link)

  • Rider Education Database

  • “Give me 5” Chapter Talk Topics

  •  All Forms in Numerical Order

  • Officer Role, Appointment Process, Conduct, and Policy

  • REP Handbook

  •  Officer Forms

  • Level Forms

  • Master Recognition Eligibility

  • Helpful Tips and Information

  • PLP Facilitator Program

  • Top Gun, Amazing Team Challenge, Field Events, etc.

  • Inspection Forms         

  •  "How To" Seminars given at Wing Ding

  • Survivor Award Certificate


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